May 18, 2011


letting go is always the hardest part of my life.
goodbye's just another word.
and now, goodbye is all we got left to say.
good bye is not forever to some people, but it is forever for me.

remembering you wasn't my intention, wasn't my fault. wondering why i'm still wasting my time. How i fall back then and i remember every look upon your face. I never planned this way.
goodbye, the word itself, it's just so sad.
it is you I have loved.
it is always you I care about.

waiting each day, and I look back, "did I made a mistake along the way?"
"NO". yeah, I hope so. things change, people change. things change and friends leave.
what makes us different after so long? sigh. I don't know you now. You broke my heart, that way. Yes you did.
And I'm letting you go, starting all over. New people, new chapter. New life. Erase you from my memory. To delete you from my life(lol). Then I'll be just fine.

Off you go, love. May you live in peace.

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