March 17, 2012


It was my thought that running away to a new place will change everything.

Life was boring. "Living each day doing everyday routine" and the people that I met, was nice. But now the fact that those people have become selfish and intolerant to me, yet to some others;  you guys are so irritating to my eyes. Yess you bother me that much. I leave you alone, but heck! you keep bothering me. I didn't do anything wrong to you so far, I'm so sure bout that. I keep reminding myself, that I will never mess with other people and only mind my own business so that no one will ever try to mess with me. But, the situation turned the other way around!!!   


"Dear you, is that really necessary  to annoy other people? having fun ey? . I keep watching and waiting in silence, when are you going to realize that your actions are so immature and you act like a fool. You keep doing the same thing over and over;  have you ever realized that your actions might hurt someone's feeling (even when they don't tell you so) ?? yeah. You're immature; that you can't even put yourself in others shoes and never will think before act.  Wait until your turn is up. Only then you know how WE feel.  KARMA."

Maybe, just maybe this is some kind of a test. yeah I'll get some benefits out of it. Anyway, its a waste of time and energy to think about people like youuu, I'm too busy to react and I've no time to counter back. Its just tiring to see you doing it over and over. I hope you'll just realize how tiring it is . Aren't you tired living like that? Pfffftttt you can't be serious. 

I had this kind of thinking (run away to a new place and starts a new life, fresh start) , and I've been waiting when will the time come. Here I am, PERLIS! really. It is a new start. And here, you can see some people having "culture shock". Pity them. Easily  I've also learned a few new things. That friendship also, can bring you HARM. Some of your friends are backstabber, some just find you only when they need help, some leave you hanging, and this is when you know, THE TRUE COLOURS of your friends. Some are just the egomaniac type. Egomaniacs? oh yeah. You have to start the conversation first orrrr, you'll never talk to them. Nice guyssssss nicee.

yeah I know you underestimated me, I'm the kind and innocent type you say; and you take advantage of that right? Pity you. Never will see what my true colours are. Its like a test from me you know. You've failed the test. :)
 I'm not that kind and innocent girl you always see, Its just that I've been a much much better person than before. (like you know what I mean, nah u'll never get it).  I'm not afraid to explore the world and meet various types of people, (heck yeah its fun traveling around!!), I'm afraid that I'll keep seeing the same type of person. It's BORING ya know coz I'm easily bored; staying with one  type of people that  constantly bother  my life (annoyed face). Grow up people!!

March 16, 2012


sitting here thinking of how much I miss you.

do you ever miss me?
I guess this is it.
Forever Alone?  
can't wait to meet new people, and start fresh.


-----So I was bored.----
I spent 5 minutes on this 4 Variable IQ Test.
here goes my result;

The 4-Variable IQ Test 


15% interpersonal, 45% visual, 30% verbal and 10% mathematical!

Your strongest type of intelligence is Visual. You thrive on spatial thinking, shapes, patterns, and form.  You're unlikely to be blind.  You can probably think in 3D very easily. You are very likely to be attractive, based on only my most rudimentary anecdotal evidence.  And you are likely to appreciate a good body in a lover.
Your specific scores follow.  On any axis, a score above 25% means you use that kind of thinking more than average, and a score below 25% means you use it less. It says nothing about cognitive skills, just your interest.

click click: ^-^