October 28, 2011


ever notice all of my post before? what was I thinking??!! :0

       Did you ever fall for someone you know you shouldn't? Try hard to hide your feelings, but it's so hard you just couldn't? He's/She's only a friend, and can't be nothing else. That's the lie you keeping telling yourself. You are so happy when in his/her presence, But keep reminding yourself "that" could never happen. A simple meet of the eyes turns into a stare (Y). You hide it inside and no one can tell. Deep inside you can't take no more.

So you keep your feelings bottled up and tell nobody.



saw this line

wasted tears, wasted time, 
stupid, aiyoo.
acting like a fool laaaaaah. adoiiii. -..-

thats exactly what I did. yeahhh lame. and pathetic.
and that was BEFORE. (Y)

peace yaw. ;)

October 19, 2011

Miranda Cosgrove - Kissin U (with lyrics)

why am I listening to this song?
and its like, a hundred times for today :0
love the lyrics i guess.
i think its a lil bit different ;)
see it for yourself !! :D

Beyond limits

never had a chance. but i'm cool with it.

Your ego is everything to you. Keep going like that okay? thanks. ;)
 I expect nothing less from you. 
so, what exactly.. pfft, nvm. 
I didn't get you. I've been trying to figure that out. What is so wrong being straight forward? 
gosh, Just speak up.
Ohh. Yeah. Your ego. Almost forgot. 



October 15, 2011


mood:  frustrated.

Here we gooo. Lets just read this stupid love poem.
wait.. why am I posting this ...pfffttt.
No. Just this heart-to-heart conversation.


"to find my love partner, or my so-called soul mate is the second last thing important in my life. gotta plant my feet on solid ground right now." 

letting go.

p/s: mood swings 

falling in love.................back then. I was in love with you. truth speaks for itself kaaaaan. see what have you done?  benci betul lovey dovey. macam mana boleh terlibat dengan benda ni. duhhh
seriously, I didn't know why  or even know how the hell did that happen.


you will break my heart. I KNOW.

                             thisssss issss stupid. ppffffttttt.  
                            MEN ARE EGOISTIC. but yeah i don't blame them. opps no offense.

sleep with a broken heart. gaaaaah :\