October 15, 2011


mood:  frustrated.

Here we gooo. Lets just read this stupid love poem.
wait.. why am I posting this ...pfffttt.
No. Just this heart-to-heart conversation.


"to find my love partner, or my so-called soul mate is the second last thing important in my life. gotta plant my feet on solid ground right now." 

letting go.

p/s: mood swings 

falling in love.................back then. I was in love with you. truth speaks for itself kaaaaan. see what have you done?  benci betul lovey dovey. macam mana boleh terlibat dengan benda ni. duhhh
seriously, I didn't know why  or even know how the hell did that happen.


you will break my heart. I KNOW.

                             thisssss issss stupid. ppffffttttt.  
                            MEN ARE EGOISTIC. but yeah i don't blame them. opps no offense.

sleep with a broken heart. gaaaaah :\

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