February 25, 2012


People, there's a proverb that says, "You can't hide love or a cough".
Ways to confess your love:

The OLD FASHION way: Call, blurt it out, and hang up.
Alternately: Call, don’t talk and dedicate play their favorite song.
This seems kind of stupid, but romantic! You may look like a coward, and they won’t be 100% sure it’s you, but it’s enough to get their attention.

The ROMANTIC way: Give them a rose or a love letter, or draw something.
In other words, use your talents and make your statement as an artist. You can write something of your own, or copy a “I love you” quote or poem (you can find them after a brief search over the Web). You don’t have to give them yourself. You can leave them in their desk, their pocket or outside their house. You can also send them flowers (guys admit that they love being sent flowers) including a special dedication.

The HEROIC way: Throw it into their face
Better choose to tell them when they least expect to hear it, like when you are having dinner at a restaurant and they can’t overreact. However, you can tell them any time you want, when you are jogging together, when you are stuck in a traffic jam…just take a big breath and go for it!

The MODERN way: Send an e-mail gift card or text message.
This is less painful. You don’t have to look them in the eye while telling them. But you risk that they may not answer; at least not immediately. Maybe they won’t check their email, or may have forgotten their cell phone at home. In case they doesn’t answer you, can either assume that they don’t want to, or that you are a bit unlucky and their phone was stolen that day! If you can stand the entire waiting thing, you can try something like that.

The DEVIOUS way: Make them tell you first.
You can simply ask them if they love you during a romantic night. They wouldn’t like to spoil the atmosphere – if you are not afraid to be a little more provocative, you can ask him between the sheets (the worst answer they can give you is yes). You can also ask in front of your friends during a conversation or during a table game. They’ll spit it out first, unless they want to make a fool out of themselves.

The CHILDISH way: Besides funny notes and little hand-made presents, you can write a “I love you” note and tie it to a rock. Then throw the rock into their room. You might break a window or two, but it’ll be worth it. They say the only difference between a man and a boy are their toys. So, if that is true, he’ll love it!

The EXTREME way: Print their photo, write “I love you” on it, and post it somewhere they’ll see it for sure! Which train do they take to go to work? Which building do they see every morning when they open their window? Does their house have an elevator? That’s a good choice!

you should START now ppl! LOL. xD

February 24, 2012


Ya Allah. punyalah banyak event kat KMP. tak ingat dah. 
 so upload gambar yg mana ada je lah. 
meet my roomates, ey, lagi sorang mana?? :D
aku serupa orang pecah rumah.
bila roomates bergambar... cenggini lah jadinya

pada saat ini. beginilah rupa meja study-ku.
 4 tahun tak praktis sketch. amik kau senget2 jadinya. haa.
 pabila bosan... tangan pun bergerak. gatal2 nak conteng.


 okay event 1
berbasikal keliling sawah KAGEM. memang takkan rasa la kalau kat Shah Alam. untung aku.

tengok. berbasikal sempat lagi snap ni. heheh. hebat tak? tengok, Perlis. awan pun takda. panas ya know. sekarang ni, kemarau weh. last week aku pi, kering je sawah. kering kontang.

event 2
menang weh :') berbaloi praktis 7 bulan. (CHOIR -college)
thanks darshee. baby darsh

event 3
batak bergambar pegang 10kg sat -..-

hah. nasib menang. 1st place. terkejut gak. haha

atudiaa husna. dengan gayaaa

pastu pa lagi, terus tuju ke Pizza Hut. malas tak malas. jalan kaki woiiii. panas!
haa ni nak bergambo kat tangga tepi cashier Pizza Hut Kangar. apa nak jadi.

ha. smurfff. lepas makan, pi window shopping plak. cuci mata.

maklumlah, after mid-sem exam.semua tempat nk pegi.

korea mari. lepak punya lepak, terjumpa husna hassan kat situ. dia keluarkan korea 1000won note. 

event 4.
Maulidur Rasul.
tema jubah hitam, pink. 

 first time la aku menyarung jubah hitam. pastu shawl pink? berkilat gitu? pulak dahhh...pink weh. pink. so not me. btw, ni barisan aweks C1 floor 3.

apa ni? 
err...bukan niat memperaga. bila roomates bergambar. cenggini lah jadinya.

event 5
karnival kebudayaan 1 Malaysia generation 12 KMP.
-with hani, ana.-
bila classmate aku menari tarian canggung..

jye min cantik :)
chinese wearing saree and indian wearing cheongsam. nice rite? <3

i know...aku mencemar pandangan je..hmmm..sob sob T_T

handsome kan??! kalah lelaki melayu. whats his name? this chinese guy is sooo cute wearing baju melayu,+tengkolok+samping! 
tersenyum izzura disebelahnya. :D

choir girls+chinese yoyo boys!
aip mira aippp
diorang ni power wehhh gempak gila. sungguh rugi gambar diorang time performance takda.

cantik kann outfit diaaa? :0
good job abg wan!
memang gempak habislah semua yg terlibat. 

WEH GAMBAR CHOIR "voice of unity" TAKDAAA 
alaaaaaa T_T
takda sape ke upload gambar kiterang? hmm. 

nak upload video. tapi ada masalah pulak. gaaaah


It is me being stupid, I keep saying "Iloveyou" here and there. Couldn't stop. My heart is going to EXPLODE at any time. okay thats too much. tehehehe :D

HELLO awak,

more than that actually ;)

 is it?

ah gedik la pulak. terlebih sudah. maaf. 

hmm, macam ni boleh? jkjk. :D

me. sad. umph sob sob. :'(
jauhnyaa jarak kita.

February 17, 2012


please. aku paling tak suka orang take advantage ke atas aku. fancy that huh? tak bermakna aku lembut hati, aku tak pernah mengamuk. its not that im going to let YOU do that very easily. oh no no no. just because i've been very nice to you, you underestimated me. oh for so long. pernah tengok aku mengamuk depan orang ramai, yelling tak ingat dunia kat muka orang? pasal tak pernah lah, kau pijak kepala aku. how can i keep myself calm when im forced to deal with people like this? honestly, bila aku dah marah, sangat susah untuk aku maafkan orang tu kalau dia tak minta maaf. well i've been on my best behaviour. kau yg buat aku marah, kau tanggung padahnya. aku boleh sabar utk masa yg sangat lama, tapi bila aku hilang sabar, aku tak ingat dunia. jangan sampai aku jadi macam tu. aku sabar tak bermakna orang boleh take advantage sampai macam tu skali.
*cooling effect*
restore patience.
smile. :)