July 02, 2010

its Saturday.

ohhh, yeah, i remember how i looked at myself in the mirror after i woke up this morning. then, I took a shower and blah blah blah, get ready and i went downstairs. huh, i was hungry so i checked the fridge. well, my parents were out for my mom's cousin's wedding at BAGAN DATOH and they said it is better for me to stay. It was good i guess, coz if i go there, oh for sure i'll see my previous school, SMS BAGAN DATOH and all of the BAD memories will come. So for today.. I did some house chores , sounds lame but yeah, its none of ur business.
12.30 pm : I watched this movie : Ghost of the girlfriends past. ( cerita dah lama release baru tgk hari ni DVD. ceh. ) the movie was hehehe. All I can say is.. the storyline was quite interesting. oh yeahh, I have also been watching hindustan movies and I don't know what's on my mind by that time because how on earth and since when hindustani's seems interesting to me until I didn't even moved from the TV. Yes I know lately its all because of SPM, lets put the blame on SPM. I streesed out a lot. OH. Later, I layan this malay novel.. " Kasih Suci " hahaha. Teruk betul Salwa nih. Apa sudah jadi woo. heh. This time I laughed so hard sampai adik aku cakap aku ni gila. The title was like.. KASIH SUCI enn? how come laaa boleh lawak. haih. seriously memang lawak habis laa for the first 14 chaps. heh, today I was supposed to attend KRS's meeting but somehow, yesterday, my classmates said that my company's meeting ( D company ) has been cancelled. There's NO point attending school on Saturday without any events. ohhhhhhhh noooooooooo what about my homeworks ? damn it. banyaaaaaaaaaak laa sungguh. hehh. - to be continue-

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