April 06, 2011


I'm so darn lazy these days. look what I've done. Waking up nearly afternoon. What the heck. Sure do, I hope my-future-in 10 years-husband would never ever know this one.
oh by the way, you do not wanna end up like me. my daily schedule:

when i'm not working: 
  • getting up , dance to the music for 15-30 minutes, off to shower.
  • cook for lunch, waiting for my lil sis off to school and the other one. right after he's home, i'll serve him. heck yeah.
  • watch korean, hong kong drama and . blablablablablabla oh i can't help myself. PATHETIC.
  • facebook and blog. movie marathon. texting. 
  • i find out that novels are the highlight of the day. and my teddy. Can't sleep without 'em
working day:
  •  i get up. shower right away. breakfast. off to office. doing my office work. back home. dinner. facebook. texting, novels and lights off. you see now? its in one sentence. see how boring my life is?
i don't need your judge. 
what else to do? you tell me.

NEED SOMETHING OUT OF THE BOX. excitement. ADRENALINE RUSH. green. BREEZE.colourful. love? 

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