March 10, 2011



IT IS just you, you that I need.
I realize now, after awhile long waiting, You are my guy, the one.
Yes I admit that at first, I am pretending, denying always. It is not my ego anyway, its just that I'm afraid I was wrong, wrong choosing will certainly hurt me. Maybe it is right about ''action speaks louder than words'' but I was scared, If I tell you, do you feel the same way as I am now? I choose comfort and not risk. I don't wanna go out from my comfort zone. You get what I mean? penakut kan? heh. I am protecting myself, I think it is okay not to tell you, I will be waiting. Hmmm or just let you go. But so far until right this moment, I can't get you out of my mind and I HATE IT. I hate it when I know how much I miss you but still denying, and yet hate it for how I want to let you go sooooo bad and only then I can move on. :\

but never mind.. we'll see what I can do after this. But obviously I do really hope that you will read this. Because I can't tell you face to face, eye to eye. I didn't expect anything from you, just be who you are. Never change, please. please. please. I like everything about you. Take care of yourself , and that will make me happy.. oh why~ I can never stop missing you..gaaaah -,-

much love from me,

to: mr. _____

to be continued :)

p/s: sorry tiba tiba jiwang. haha PMS kot? :D

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