March 10, 2011


dudes and babes, 23rd of march is d-day. I counted 12 days left. Get ready for our results. I am pretty sure that all of us were waiting for so long. hmmmmm don't forget to bring lots of tissues or at least you are already had this on your mind, whoever's shoulder to cry on. Whatever it is, always bare in mind that you are already did your 1000% best, you'd already put your best effort for SPM. Just pray and hoping, and don't think too much. It's not the end of the world anyway. You know, after the result, it's just that our new life begins. And yes, we still have 11 days to enjoy. A day before the results, only then we should get worried. Not now. heee :)
It's not that I'm pretending not to get worried now, but let bygones be bygones, we did our best.
So, let us chill out.
and start thinking what could be better, because that's just the way we roll.


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