December 16, 2011

Love infinitely

things are different when u'r not around.
...jiwangssss enough?

falling in love with you was never an option. Its not about the physical attraction whatsoever, it just happened that way, and what comes after that is just something that is totally out of control. #you'll never notice.
Define love. Your love definition.  I don't have one. Because it seems so much is left unsaid. Love is to feel, love is beautiful. Words cannot describe how i feel about you. Words cannot express how much you mean to me. It is beyond my control that I fall for you, deeply. Two options.  To wait it out or to let go.

 one thing I know for sure is I have this feeling for an unknown reason.  but why him?
and this "why him" question has been asked for almost 3 years. Could anyone tell  me why? Don't wanna wait forever without an answer.  I  just keep telling myself that this is normal. Life cycle.

zorro! :D

maybe this explains why  =')

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