November 20, 2011

like an empty box

why is this happening to me?
like seriously? I've been thinking about this all day long!
frankly, I feel like, there is a HUGE hole in my heart ever since the day I came back to Perlis . it sucks ya know. this feeling is killing me. arghh

there must be a reasonable explanation to this situation. to be fair, Perlis is a great place to discover, and I love it here. But I've totally out of idea why I feel this way. Something is missing. Maybe its just me being gedik. haha.

but thanks to Azwan Amin, and, Izwan Zin, you guys made my day.. you were there when I needed somebody. At least I can talk to you guys and forget about it for a while :D
and then I know I'll be fine. Maybe I have to accept the fact that my holiday is over. or  maybe, I just miss attending lectures and classes? can't wait to start! hwehwehwe :)

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