April 27, 2011

Bila manusia jatuh cinta- MY LOVE DEFINITION

hello there, thanks for your time reading this junk. lol

  i'll be your crying shoulder
  selalu kan orang cakap macam ni?
 ye salwa, orang cakap.
lagi orang cakap apa?

your wish is my command
semua akan ditunaikan. betul ke?
ada lagi tak ?

you're my everything 
oh the jiwangness.
ada tak yg jiwang lagi?

the sparkle of your eyes, they're like arpeggios on fire 
everything good in you, they'll see. inilah orang bila jatuh cinta. semuaaaaaa cantik. perangai belakang kira, pada sesetengah orang laaa kan?  waaaaaah love is in the air.

there's nothing like you and I 
fuhhhh angau. overborad dah. tahap dewa nie.

the world is mine when i'm with you 
nie ayat tak ingat dunia. rasa macam takda orang lain dah dalam dunia dia nak peduli. nie dah angau kritikal.
you're perfect. pretty, my angel, my sunshine  
ha'ah yelah. kalau boleh semua pujian dia nak letak. puja puja puja lah.

knowing you is the best thing ever. knowing you is a blessing, is a gift. 
 awwwwwhhhhh -,-
sweet talker you there.

loving you is like breathing, loving you is like lighting the candle in the wind
fuhhhhhh macam tu lah kan kalau dah rindu.

my life is nothing without you 
oh dude, get a life. move on.

your smile is like a breath of spring 
 pergh no comment. =D

I'll stand by you, no matter what.
this is what I call love. <3

          you're like an indian summer in the middle of winter
my soul sings, my heart skips a beat, my eyes adored, my body freezes, when i see you 
you're my endless love, my addiction, my obsession, my moon, my sunshine, my honeybunch sugarplum,........blablabla............. 

this is so the truth. orang bercinta begini kan. semua ayat keluar.
tapi, aku ada pandangan sikit laa kan, ini pendapat aku laa. selalunya, aku tak meluahkan apa yang aku rasa. I keep it to myself.

  • love can't tell time
  • love isn't something that you really can express in words
  • love is patient
  • love is like a tree,  growing, and connecting to each other, supporting, sharing needs, love will grow stronger if you know and understand what it really means
  • love isn't lust. 
  • love is different for everyone, how they fall, how they express their love, but it is always back to basic. you know what I mean. pokok banyak spesies kan. tapi function pokok hampir sama kan? semua membesar melalui photosynthesis, ada akar, basic needs pun sama, macam tu lah function love. cuma, yg berbeza untuk semua orang ialah, cara nak express tu (berkaitan dgn kepelbagaian spesies pokok, lol).
  • love symbolize maturity but love can also bring out the childish site of a person, and the least expected way/ideas that one can think of  to express their love . they will actually do/care what they don't think they can do/care (cinta boleh buat orang berani, kadang2 mengada ngada, dan sebagainya, lol)
  • love is to share and love is wider than the ocean. apa maksudnya eh? macam ni, cinta bukan pada seseorang je, cinta kepada Tuhan, mak ayah, kawan2, cikgu2, sedara-mara, jiran2, kucing, ikan dalam akuarium. haaa apa lagi?  so, love isn't always about you, my dear. cinta kongsi bukan hanya pada soulmate. dan, cinta bukan bermakna perempuan sanggup dimadukan sebab ayat 'love is to share' . so don't get me wrong okay. lol 
  • love will drive you crazy.

P/S: It is only my opinion. I own the blog xD

ain't that the way love's supposed to be?
I don't care at all, because I haven't met you yet and I'm way too young to express this love xD


  1. Finally you've made a post about love :P Hahahah yeah yg ayat2 jiwang tu mmg tak tahan *barf